I just got off the phone with a lady who was married to the alleged Diddler across the Street. ( That has a pretty good ring doesn’t it!)

She had been married to Moore, and saw my blog, and just emailed me to let me know that she could give me all kinds of info on this alleged pervert. And Boy did she have a lot of information.

I applaud this young lady for managing to get away from this guy with her sanity intact. Apparently he has beaten her up on a number of occasions, causing her to hospitalized at least twice if I recall the details. She also told me that after she was divorced form Moore, the father of a friend came to her door, accusing Moore of raping his daughter. ( I did not get the age of the girl or the details.) I did not get whether or not any charges were ever brought against him for this one, but I suspect not.

She was also aghast when I told her that Moore was in a relationship and had a daughter that is a toddler.

When I told her how the attack on our daughter went down she was shocked and said “My Gosh he didn’t even try to warm her up, he just went right for it!”

She also told me that she has other people who can attest to Moore’s character, or rather lack thereof! Great I figure the more people who can talk to the prosecutor about this human garbage that is Ross Moore, (True name Ross Skelton) the better.