Yesterday we took our 16 year old daughter Sandy to Dallas Love Field to fly back to Phoenix. As I mentioned here before, she had decided she wanted to go back and live withe her mother. Sue and I were not initially thrilled with the idea, but she is old enough to decide where she wants to be. Not only that, but she also has this ability to make others miserable until she gets her way.

Perhaps I am being too harsh, perhaps not. At any rate, she could be making a mistake, but she is getting to the age where she will have to learn to live with mistakes.

We were fortunate to get her a good price on a one way flight to Phoenix from Dallas. We were also fortunate enough to not have attempted to get a ticket on American Airlines. Unless you have been living in a cave for the last couple of weeks, you probably know about to nearly 3000 flights cancelled by American to fix a wiring problem in the wheel wells of their aging MD-80 fleet.

We got Sandy a ticket on Southwest Airlines. The flight took off on time, and apparently landed early in Phoenix.  She let us know when she landed, and then we figured that she would not call for a month or so. Strangely enough, she actually called this evening.

Time will tell if she will stay in touch or not. I suspect not, but I may be wrong. Anyway, she got what she wanted.

Now, Sue and I have found ourselves kidless. We had Sandy stay overnight a few times over the last 2 years, but it isn’t the same thing. We had sort of lost sight of who we are as a couple. We always had to deal with Sandy to a degree. She was 16 certainly, but she was high maintenance. Not that we didn’t love her, we do. It’s just that when you have a kid with major attitude problems, it takes a lot out of you to deal with it.

Sue and I are now rediscovering our sense of being a couple. We can actually spend time on our marriage. We had date nights from time to time certainly, but now we can concentrate on being us. As I said, we love Sandy, and we love Tara and Elisa.  We need this time though to be us.

We look forward to this time of rediscovery.