Well we have started our classes for this quarter. Sue and I are both taking a basic Algebra class, and American Women Studies.

Can you tell from the title of the post how I feel about Algebra? I thought so! I hate math, I mean I really hate it with a passion!!! Oh well, I have to take this class, as it is a requirement for my degree. Sue is in the same boat, so here we are.

We had the seminar last night for the Algebra class, and already it has started off rather, shall we say, interestingly! It seems that our Professor was unable to log in to the seminar for most of the hour. She was finally able to get in at the last fifteen minutes. Not a very auspicious start, to say the least. I am going to take a positive attitude on this though. I will pass this class and get a good grade!

We had the seminar for the other class, American Women tonight. The Professor was able to log in without a hitch for this class! This class is really going to be a blast. We have both looked into the book a bit, and it is very interesting.

Sue and I tried to play a bit with our classmates. Immediately someone noticed that we have the same last name, and asked if we were related. We had already agreed before hand how to handle this, so we said, “Only by marriage!” In last night’s algebra class, most everyone picked up on it right away that we are married. However tonight, someone asked the question and we gave the same response. Nobody else seemed to notice anything. We will play it out there to see how long before anyone figures it out.

We gotta find some way to have fun!