The street we live on has some potholes, and a few places where there are actually some rebar coming up.  There is also a section near a sidewalk with a hole that goes down into the storm drain for the street. It’s a small hole, but in this case, small often gets bigger. Every time it rains the one pothole seems to get bigger. After watching the news footage of the sinkhole near Houston, we were starting to get worried.

Maybe not so much worried, as annoyed. Every time we drive down the street to go anywhere, we have to slow to a crawl to avoid a major kathump, and possibly damage to our car.

So I hit the Internet, and found an email address for the street maintenance department for The Colony. I sent out an email complaining about the problem yesterday afternoon. Later that afternoon I got a reply that stated someone would be looking into it. I figured it would be a few days or more likely at least a week before they actually got around to sending someone.

This morning, Sue and I had to go out, and as we were heading down the street, along came three City Street Maintenance trucks.  They were out checking out the problem, and had already placed safety cones around the hole in the storm drain.

When we came back about an hour later, there were a couple of trucks there, and they placed an asphalt patch on the pothole I had complained about.

So I guess the old saying really does apply. The squeaky pothole actually does get the asphalt!