It is official. I no longer have to say “alleged” Child Molester.

Ross Lee Moore (Real Name Ross Lee Skelton) has taken the offered 5 year plea deal, and is on his way to a cell. I will say that at this point I hope he gets a large cell mate who bends him over and… well you can fill in the blank, I am sure!

We had been told that we would have to testify next week and let me tell you, neither of us was looking forward to it. I have little doubt that Elisa was not looking forward to it either.

We had been talking to Ross’s ex, Tasha who had been getting information from a reliable source. Apparently Moore had not been paying his mouthpiece, and there was also a chance that had he risked a trial he could have gotten more time. I doubt he would have gotten the maximum 20 years, but more than 5. At any rate, I can live with him sitting in a cell for the next 5 years.

I will say that in some respect I do feel for his wife. She is also a victim in this mess to some degree. I can’t imagine this has been easy for her. She probably did not want to believe that he could have done it, but knows that he had done it before. Sadly they have a daughter going on 2 years, who could have one day been a target. For that child’s sake, I hope Moore’s wife divorces him, and has his parental rights severed.

At any rate once again I will say. IT’S OVER. The Pervert is going to jail!!!!

There is justice in Texas!