Belle, at rest!Belle, at Rest!

This is a picture of our newest addition to the family, Belle. I call the picture, Belle at rest, but don’t let that fool you. This is a condition she is rarely in!

She adopted us a couple of weeks ago. Sue and I had gone to a PetSmart to get a couple of things for our other 3 kitties. We had absolutely no intentions of getting another kitty, when Sue who had wandered up toward the front of the store spotted a cage. As she walked toward it, she heard a meow.

She looked inside and there was the little grey and white ball of fluff pictured here. As soon as she walked up to the cage, Belle ( Who at that point in time was called “Ava”), jumped up on the shelf in the cage, and immediately began purring to beat the band. Sue has reached into the cage and was scratching her ears, Belle was rubbing against her hand, and licking her fingers. Then I came up, and did the same. Belle started licking my fingers, and purring at me, and I was done for.

I looked at Sue and said, “No!” Sue responded with the puppy dog eyes routine… Ah well, I had already sunk myself a few days before when I had admitted that we would probably end up with four cats sooner or later. A fact that Sue was very quick to remind me, I might add.

So we put our names on the list ( which was a short list as no one else had asked about her yet) Later that night, we got in touch with the lady form Second Chance ASPCA the rescue group that had brought her into the PetSmart, and talked to her for a few minutes. We were immediately approved.

SO the next day we gave Second Chance a check for $100.00, and we got Ava whom we promptly renamed Belle. (Short for Grizabella form CATS) For the adoption fee we got a six month old kitten that has had all her shots, was already spayed, and is microchipped to boot.

Not to mention we got a little sweetie that has managed to charm the other three cats for the most part. There was some hissing, growling, and whapping going on for the first couple of days, but soon after that Mac started playing with her, which is cool, because Mac is our youngest next to Belle, and always had trouble getting the other cats to play. Now he plays with Belle quite a bit. She tries to play with Shadow, and Jenny, but they are a little older, and just kind of tolerate her… They’ll come around one of these days!