Sue mentioned in her blog yesterday that we have made contact with Ross Moore’s “wife”, Dusty.  As she mentioned, we had walked over to see what Dusty was selling in the moving sale.

To be honest, at first we were not sure she would even talk to us. As it turned out though, After I had given the money to Dusty’s father for the items we bought, she walked up to me, put out her hand and began to tell me that she was grateful to us, in a way because she was now free of Ross. She started to apologize, but I stopped her to let her know that we had never harbored any grudge against her, that we blamed Ross entirely.

She seems relieved that we were not angry with her. Frankly we were not sure she might not be angry with us. As a matter of fact, tonight I was out watering the trees and Dusty walked over and asked if we wanted a desk that she had. She told me she wanted to give us first dibs on it.

She is getting away from Ross, and moving into an apartment. Naturally we think it is for the best. We had had concerns about their daughter Layla. Ross is a sick, sick man, and who knows what that little girl might have had to endure.  Hopefully Layla will not remember Ross.

At any rate, as much as our daughter was a victim here, we have to be aware that Dusty, her son Jayce, and her daughter Layla were victims as well. What Ross did had a devastating effect on more thanh he realized.
We hope he enjoys the next five years, where he will be.