I know the title of this post sounds like an oxymoron, but believe me it is real.

Last week, Sue and I had gone out to dinner, and then stopped at Wal Mart on the way home to pick up a couple of items. We go int the car,  and started it. Actually I tried to start the car. Click…Click… Nothing. Dead as a freaking doornail. I was a bit pissed as I had just replaced the battery in January of this year.

Sue and I went back inside, and got a guy from the auto department to come out with a little jumper box. He hooks up, the car starts. He unhooks, we thank him, and he leaves. I turn on the lights. The car died again. Awwshit!

I go back in an get the guy to come back out… We go through the same maneuver, and I asked him to stay this time after he unhooked the jumper cables. The car starts, I turn on the lights… The car dies. I am thinking at this point that this doesn’t bode well. Sue thought it was the alternator. Inwardly I  agreed. Outwardly I told her, “Nahh. It’s probably a bad battery. A dead cell in the battery causing a short.” She didn’t believe me. Frankly neither did I but I was running on wishful thinking at that point.

We called a neighbor and she sent her husband to get us. He told me of a mechanic he knew, and gave mehis name and phone number. I had been thinking of taking the car over to Good-year.

I called the gentleman the next morning. I explained the situation, and he told me that it did sound like the alternator. After inquiring to make year etc. of my car, he quoted me a price for labor, and the cost of an alternator for my car. He explained that if I had to have the car towed what it would cost. He gave me the option of trying to drive it in ( It had died a couple miles from his shop.) He told me that if I did not run any power at all, the car should make it there without the tow. However if towing became necessary, I could have the tow driver take it to his shop and charge it to Billy. He advised it would be cheaper that way.

At any rate I was able to get the car over to his shop and he showed me with  a volt meter that the alternator was bad. He called me the next morning to let me know the car was fixed, then came and got me and took me back to his shop so I could drive the car home.This is a first for me. An honest mechanic.

The name of the shop is Billy’s Auto, in The Colony Texas. You can go up on http://www.cartalk.com/content/mechx/index-noncar.html to see my recommedation for this shop.