We are in the eighth week of classes in the current semester of classes. We are taking our second Algebra course in the two course cycle. All I can say is thank God that this is the last math class we have to take for a while. Unfortunately there is a class called “Discrete Mathematics” in the degree plan. Neither of us have a clue what the hell that is. At the moment, I don’t really care.

At any rate, with three weeks let in this semester, we are actually seeing a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. I wish I could say that we are getting better with the algebra, but we are just holding on by the skin of our teeth.  We are just hoping to pass the bloody course with a “C”!

At any rate, we are managing to survive the course. Gotta keep on keepin’ on! I will let you know. We have yet another seminar tonight, which means we show up, and pretend we have a clue. All I can say is that when this is over, if I need somebody to perform any algebraic calculations, I will hire a mathematician!