The Eagles made a concert appearance in Dallas Saturday September 13, 2008. The concert, at the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas kicked off around 8:00pm, and lasted a bit over three and a half hours. Playing nine songs from their new album, “Long Road out of Eden” and a mix of classic Eagles songs, as well as tunes from the solo careers of Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmit, they played a total of thirty songs.

The crowd was near capacity, and the atmosphere was festive. Sue and I had seats in what we class as nosebleed, but we still had a pretty good view of the stage. True, we could not see them close up, but the two Jumbotrons made up for that.

They also had a large half circle screen at the back of the stage which was used to flash videos, photos and animated images set to the tunes. It was sort of like having a music video playing live behind the band.

Glenn, Don, Joe and Tim came out in black suits with white shirts, and black ties. The other band members wore black shirts.

Overall, the concert was great. One thing I would like to comment on though is that on a couple of songs, Timothy sounded a bit strained. The first song he sang lead on was from Long Road. “I Don’t want to Hear Anymore”,  and later he did “I Can’t Tell You Why”. As I said he seemed to be trying too hard to reach the higher notes. Either that or he had a cold. But later in the show, he sang “Love Will Keep Us Alive” from “Hell Freezes Over”, and sounded just fine.

Glenn did a great job as front man as he has over the years, referring to the show as, “The Assisted Living Tour” and calling The Eagles, “The band that wouldn’t die!” He also made reference to a slight scandal involving the former mayor of Carrollton ( a small town in North Dallas) Becky Miller, who had claimed to have been engaged to Don Henley 30 some odd years ago ( Don didn’t know the woman) Glenn used this to introduce “Lyin’ Eyes” saying this song has special meaning in the DFW area!

Joe did his “helmetcam ” bit that he had done in the Australian Tour, for “Life’s Been Good to Me” He dons a camera attached to a hat, and they turn it on so Joe can get video of the audience during the song! I wish we had been closer to the stage! Oh well!

They played for about an hour then took a short break and came back and played for nearly two more hours. For “Dirty Laundry” they flashed images of newscasters, and various people being interviewed, along with magazine cover shots of the guys near the end of the song.

Later they seemed to have finished, and left the stage. After shouts of “MORE!!!MORE!!!” They came back out and played a couple more songs. They left the stage a second time. Again we shouted them back out. They played their signature hit, “Take it Easy”, and finished out the night with “Desparado”

All too soon, it was over.

This is the first concert that Sue and I have seen together. I am glad it was The Eagles. After playing for over three decades, they still are a tight, together band. They can still turn out the hits, and still put on a show.  They are still The Eagles!

On a related note, the music industry has lost a giant. Richard Wright, the keyboardist, and a founding member of Pink Floyd, has died of cancer at 65.

Note: I received a comment telling me that Timothy B. Schmit had injured his throat a year ago in a surfing accident. Apparently the board slipped out from under him and hit his throat. He has been undergoing therapy, and I would have to say he is lucky he is able to sing at all.