At a rally yesterday Sarah Palin again called out Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama for “pallin’ around with Terrorists” referring to his so called association with Weatherman founder William Ayers. While she was speaking there were shouts of “Terrorist’, and “Kill him!” Any politician with class would have stopped there and said, “Hey, I don’t agree with his policies, and we are running against him, but I will not stand here and allow people to threaten to kill our opponent.

Obama would have said that if someone had shouted out threats to kill McCain or Palin. But the Republican candidates seem to think it’s okay to encourage assassination. What is wrong with this picture.

Today I ran across a blog from an 82 year old woman who has a very definite opinion of Sarah Palin; Check it out:

I don’t know that I would come out and call Palin a bitch, but I do think she is dangerous. She has shown a remarkable lack of any knowledge of what her job would be as Vice President, she uses her position as Governor of Alaska to get rid of people she doesn’t like, and her “folksy” style of talking down to the voters makes me ill. Her constant use of the “Joe Sixpack” term is offensive. It makes it sound as if Palin thinks all men are beer guzzling rednecks, and morons. Maybe the men she has met in Alaska are, but that would be the same as me equating all Texas men ( where I live) as wearing ten gallon hats, and riding horses. Sorry I live in the suburbs of Dallas, I don’t see too many horses in my neighborhood.

Plain is dangerous because of her lack of knowledge of foreign affairs. She thinks that because Alaska is next to Russia that qualifies as foreign experience. Well hell, I live next to Mexico. Maybe I should become ambassador to Mexico then.

If you are a woman, you should consider Sarah Palin as dangerous. If you feel that you should have the rights to your own body, kiss those rights goodbye if the Republican ticket gets elected. McCain and Palin would go out of their way to appoint justices to the Supreme Court that would repeal Roe v. Wade. Plain does not agree with abortion even in cases of rape or incest. She would force the woman to bear the child of a rapist. Yes I know the right to lifers say “It’s not the baby’s fault” True, but I am a firm believe that a woman should have the right to make that choice, not have the right taken away from them.

Finally, Palin is dangerous because of her proximity to the presidency. McCain is 72 years old. God forbid the man should die, I don’t like him, ( I do respect his service to this country in Viet Nam) but if they get elected, and he were to die, the most inexperienced woman in the world would then be president. Could you imagine Sarah Palin with her fingers on the button?

I can and it scared the hell out of me.