It has been awhile since I have posted here. (November 4th, Election Day actually!) I last posted a short comment about Barack Obama being elected.  Sue and I have been busily finishing our current quarter in school. We were both taking Bioethics, a class in which we both got a grade of A+ Yea! I was taking a class called Computer Hardware and Operating Systems (which I pretty much could have taught.) got a A+ there too! Sue was taking a class called Writing for the Web. Oddly enough, there was very little writing involved in that class for some reason, maybe because the professor was a graphic artist… Admittedly, she appeared to be quite good at the graphics, but not so much at teaching writing for the web… Still, Sue managed to pull a low A out of it.


Our kitties are doing their usual antics. Belle, our youngest has found her voice. When we first got her we didn’t think she knew how to meow. She never said much of anything, except a lot of purring. She would rub up against us and purr so loud, more than once I thought the dishwasher was running. Lately however, she has found her missing meow, and has become rather vocal. Another change is that she used to pal around with (not terrorists) Mac, our youngest boy. Mac loved it, as the other cats, Shadow and Jenny would not play with him, but after the first couple of weeks, Belle stated playing. They would chase each other all over the house, then, crash together. Lately though, Belle wants nothing to do with Mac. If he walks into the room, she growls, swears, hisses and spits at him. She will even walk up to him and whap the crap out of him for no good (or bad) reason!. Mac sits there with this bewildered WTF look on his face. All we can figure is that Belle is going through the kitten version of puberty!

A couple of weeks ago, we got rid of the old queen sized bed in what used to be Sandy’s, then Tara’s room. We had the kids from down the street come down and help move the stuff. We then had them move the full bed from the game room into what we now call the “spare” room. (I don’t know what the hell to call it.!) We call the game room that because we have a third computer set up in there with a bunch of games on it, so the game room. I mentioned that the kids down the street helped. Well they did sort of. Our friends Laurie and her husband Sid came down and helped too. We had asked for the kids, and got a surprise when Mom and Dad showed up!

I got asked to get involved in the Christmas play at church, and as it turned out, they were looking for a couple. I asked Sue if she would be willing to do it, and she agreed. The play is about a guy who gets his family all together on Christmas Eve, intending to read “The Night Before Christmas” to the family. The family has other ideas. My character, Earl, is somewhat religious, and has a problem that his brother, Marvin wants to read this “sacrilegious story on Christmas Eve! Sue is playing my characters wife, who is sort of trying to help out, and not get into the middle of it. Anyway it is kind of cute, I think we will have some fun with it.

We have started to watch “Dexter” on Showtime. The storyline is about a guy who is a sociopathic serial killer. However Dexter has a twist. He only kills criminals. He never kills anyone innocent, and he follows a code taught to him by his police officer foster father. It seems that Harry, his foster father recognized early what Dexter was, and steered him onto this path. One of the most important rules in the Code of Harry: Do not get caught. Dexter works as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami police department. His foster sister Deborah is also a cop. She doesn’t know what her brother does in his spare time though. There is a delicious sense of humor played throughout the show that makes this improbable character likeable. Who would think it possible to like a sociopathic killer.

That is about all for the moment. More news when it becomes less available!