No I am not going to reprint the Clement Moore poem here. However it is the night before Christmas, and I thought it might be a good idea to say hello to all you out there in blogville tonight.

Sue and I just got home from our Church’s Candlelight Service. We took part in a short sketch about a guy who wants to read “The Night Before Christmas” to his family who really doesn’t want much to do with the idea. I played his brother in law, a religious man who takes great umbrage at the focus of Christmas being on Santa, instead of Jesus.

My character also manages to out Santa as a fraud, to the eight year old nephew in a major “whoops!”

The end of the sketch has the boy asking his exasperated father ( the would be reader of “The Night Before Christmas”) what Christmas is all about anyway. Sadly Dad responds, “You know Son, I’m not really sure any more!”

Sadly many of us seem to have fogotten what Christmas means.It doesn’t mean to spend every dime on useless crap to give to people who then feel obligated to go out and get you more worthless crap so that they are not “one upped”

It doesn’t mean to wish people to have a “Happy Holiday” afraid to even utter the word “Christmas” for fear of political incorrectness. It’s doesn’t mean beat the hell out of the guy who stole your parking place at the mall while you are out buying the worthless crap! It’s doesn’t mean getting sloshed at the office “Holiday” Party and telling your boss he/she is a moron.

It does mean to spend time with your family. Even if not all of your family is able to get together. Maybe you have a blended family and some  or all the kids are somewhere else. Christmas can mean being glad to share it with someone, anyone. It does mean to bring a smile to someone who may not have a reason to smile right now. It does mean to forgive those who have hurt you, and may not even be aware of it. Or maybe they are aware, and don’t care. Forgive them anyway. It does mean to celebrate the Birth of a little baby 2000 years ago who came to live, die, and be resurrected so that we all might live forever.

The saying;  “Jesus is the Reason for the Season”  is more than just a clever turn of phrase. He really is the reason for the season! He came here to give His life for us. He is the only way to the Father.

So when you are opening up the useless crap tomorrow morning, remember He who gave you life, and gave His Son so that our lives might mean something.

And wish each other a Merry Christmas, not a Happy Holiday. Christmas is not a dirty word!

Merry Christmas all.