Okay, I bought a suit the other day. Big freaking deal, right? Well to hear Sue tell it, it is. I am one of these guys that does not usually buy stuff for himself. I have no problem spending money on Sue, or the kids (when the opportunity has presented itself) but I generally tend to avoid buying anything for myself.


I usually feel guilty about spending money on me. I guess it makes me feel egotistical to buy something for myself. What can I say? I would rather buy something for other people. I will hem and haw about getting anything for me, even when I need something, like new clothes. Sue is a bit put out with me, and for years has had to practically twist my arm to get me to buy clothes for myself.


Years ago, before Sue and I got married, I won a $50.00 gift certificate from Sears at work. Sue and I were friends at the time, and she gave me a ride to the mall to spend the certificate. I was married to Robin, Sandy’s mom at the time. I kept looking at stuff for Robin, or Sandy, but not anything for me. Sue kept asking me why I wasn’t spending the certificate on myself. She finally talked me into looking at things I could use. I finally got myself an electric razor I had wanted, but couldn’t afford. As I recall Robin was ticked that I didn’t buy anything for her with the gift certificate… Oh well!


Tonight, Sue and I are going to a Valentine’s Day Dinner/Dance at church. Sue decided to buy herself a new dress to get herself all gussied up. I thought that maybe it would be a good time to get myself a suit. At this point, all I own for dressing up purposes are several pairs of dress slacks, and two sport coats. It occurred to me, that if I didn’t wear a decent suit to this dinner, next to Sue, I would look like a poor relation.


So, suit shopping I went! I found a decent grey pinstriped suit at Target, for a reasonable price. I will admit that Sue thinks I dress up nice, so now I don’t have to be ashamed of how I look with a gorgeous wife on my arm.


Of course, it will probably be another 11 years before I go out clothes shopping for myself again!