Recently, Sue and I both decided to get contact lenses.  Our last trip to an eye doctor was at least 3 years ago, and it was time to get a new prescription. Sue had been starting to get headaches, so she definitely needed to get something.

We were both tired of eyeglasses, so we decided to go to the Wal-Mart vision center near our house, and get contact lenses prescribed. We had gone to another Wal-Mart Vison Center for our eyeglasses three years ago, and were both happy with the Doctor, and the service at that time. It turned out that the Optometrist that we had seen then was no longer in business at Wal-Mart. Would that we had been able to find her again.

We saw a Dr. Said Hashemi. On the visit where we got fitted for the contacts, he seemed personable, and pleasant. That was a facade, as I found out a few days later. We had been fitted with temporary lenses, and were to come back in a week to find out if everything was okay.

Because of the degree of Astigmatism, I had to have reading glasses on top of the contacts. I went next door to the Wal-Mart Vision center, and ordered them. The following Tuesday I got a call that they were ready. That is when all hell broke loose.

The following is a copy of the complaint I have filed agianst Dr. Hasemi with the Texas Optometry Board:

I received a call from Wal Mart Optical that my reading glasses were in that had been prescribed by Dr. Hashemi, the previous Thursday, 3/19/2009. I had been told by Dr. Hashemi that these reading glasses were to be worn over my contact lenses. I tried the glasses and found I could not see, everything was blurred. Obviously there had been some kind of a mistake. The folks at the optical department, suggested I speak to Dr. Hashemi to find out what had gone wrong. So I went next door to his office. I was a little upset by this time, as I cannot see to do any work while wearing the contacts without proper reading glasses. While I was waiting to see the doctor, I called my wife on my cell phone. Within a few moments, someone from the optical center came over and asked me to wait there. I left the doctor’s office, and asked what the problem was. No one would explain. I explained to the staff at the optical center that I had a deadline to complete some schoolwork, and that I simply needed an explanation. An optical center employee went back to Dr. Hashemis’ office to ask how long it might be. I was told about 30 minutes, or I could make an appointment. I decided to make an appointment. While I was trying to get this accomplished, I will admit that I was a bit angry, and may have been a little loud, explaining that I had a deadline to complete some schoolwork but I did not use foul language or swear at anyone. Dr. Hashemi came out and gruffly told me to just sit down and he would see me when he could, I asked if this would be soon, he said no. I said then I will get an appointment and come back. All this time Hashemi was yelling at me.

When I got home I took out my contacts and discovered that the glasses had been made to be worn without contact lenses, and contacted the optical shop and explained that this was the problem, and that someone had made a mistake, and that I was not sure if the prescription had been specific.

A short time later I got a call from Dr. Hashemi, and as soon as I answered, I attempted to apologize for being upset, and he screamed at me telling me I had upset a pregnant patient, and that he could not have that, etc. I attempted several more times to apologize, but Hashemi continued to scream at me, and threatened to have me arrested if I ever set foot in his office again, he informed me that he had taken our prescriptions next door. He refused to let me speak, and then hung up on me. We were supposed to have a follow up visit when our permanent contact lenses came in, but he refuses to see either my wife or me. This is certainly his right, but to call a patient and scream at them, and refuse to even listen to them, and make threats is, in my opinion, very unprofessional, and I feel he has a hair trigger. I would like to register this complaint.

I have no doubt that Dr. Hashemi will spin this to make it look like he was the injured party. If he did not want me back as a patient, fine, this is his right. I do not feel that he has the right to call me on the telephone, and scream at me however.

At this point I have recieved a response from the Texas Optometry Board, essentially that the complaint had been recieved, and that they would investigate. I will revieve a copy of Dr. Hashemi’s response to my filing. I will publish that response here.