I got a letter today from the Texas Optometry Board, regarding my complaint against Dr. Saied Hashemi. They have “investigated” and determined that there was “insufficient evidence” and closed the complaint.

I am not surprised that they would back this idiot. He responded to my complaint, and lied through his teeth. He made me look like Mike Tyson beating up on a kindergartner! The way he tells it I was a profane madman who upset his staff and patients ( of whom I only saw one) to the point that they feared for their lives. My “violent outburst”  scared a pregnant patient so bad she was supposedly shaken. I might have been a bit loud, but I did not use any profanity, and I did not threaten anyone.

He however got very nasty on the phone when he called me and refused to listen to an apology. He uses just enough of the truth to make himself look like Mother Theresa, and me like Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Attila the Hun rolled into one.

Like I said, I knew he would lie his ass off. But I figure that this will serve as a warning for people to be very careful in picking out a doctor. All I wanted was to be treated with a little respect. When someone treats me like he did, yes I get angry. I do not swear like a truck driver to people in public like that, and I do not threaten people.

I plan to write back to this so called investigator, and let him know that while I am aware that nothing further is going to happen,  that he should be aware that Hashemi is a bald faced liar.