I have gone back into the business of freelance writing. What am I writing about? I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.

Just kidding…

I used to write for forum content, which basically means I would get paid to go up on someones forum, and write posts to help gain popularity for the forum owner. The more positing going on would encourage others to go up and post. Face it, if you checked out a forum where no one was posting, you’d probably leave, right?

Now I am writing product reviews. I research products, and write reviews for cash. I know this may sound a bit dishonest, but it’s a form of ghost writing. I also am writing How to articles, on various and sundry topics.

Ghostwriting has been around for centuries. Did you really think Bill Clinton wrote his autobiography himself?  Probably not. People who don’t know how to write or have the time, hire those of us who do. It’s really as simple as that.

I also search the Internet to find other freelance writing jobs. It’s not making me a lot of money at the moment, but it is writing, and I am getting paid for it.

When you call yourself a writer you have to find a way to write. Eventually I will find a job writing what I really want to write, but until then a buck is a buck.