Sorry I have not written any real posts, lately. I have been busy working on my freelance writing. Considering I get paid for that… I gotta get my priorities straight. Anyway here are the movies opening this week!



G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
The summer’s latest action flick is based on the action figure-cartoon franchise. G.I. Joe, good. Cobra, very bad. The studio declined to screen this film in advance for critics.

A Perfect Getaway

A couple honeymooning in Hawaii runs into murder and mayhem in this enjoyable and suspenseful thriller. It isn’t the best movie of the summer, but it may be this season’s best summer movie.

Julie & Julia

As Julia Child, Meryl Streep puts forth a deeply affecting portrait of a late bloomer coming gloriously into her own. Alas, each time the film shifts from Julia to Julie, it collapses like an overcooked soufflé.


Small-scale tale of a troubled Italian-American family is a bold work of beauty and vision from veteran director Francis Ford Coppola. The drama veers into melodrama, into dance and into riffs on other films.

Paper Heart

Comic/writer Charlyne Yi travels the country interviewing people about being in love. This sweetly entertaining blend of documentary and fiction is a refreshing change from the forumlaic rom-coms.

The Cove

Damning indictment of Taiji, Japan, “a little town with a really big secret,” as one environmental activist puts it in this new documentary that is also an edge-of-the-seat caper film.


Lives intersect in an apartment house in Sydney, Australia, in a stop-motion tapestry inspired by the enigmatic short stories of Israeli writer Etgar Keret.

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OPENING FRIDAY, August 14 From

District 9: Peter Jackson produced this film about aliens confined to a district in South Africa.

The Time Traveler’s Wife: Eric Bana plays a librarian with a gene that causes him to spontaneously travel in time.

Bandslam: High School Musical‘s Vanessa Hudgens still has the microphone in this story of teens who compete in a battle of the bands.

Adam: Beautiful new neighbor Beth (Rose Byrne) pulls a sheltered, young and handsome Adam (Hugh Dancy) out of his shell.

The Goods: Live Hard. Sell Hard.: Jeremy Piven gets his motivation on as a famous used-car salesman asked to help a failing dealership in this comedy.

Spread: Ashton Kutcher is a “sexual grafter” living off his looks and charm.

Ponyo: Studio Ghibli genius Hayao Miyazaki‘s tale about a goldfish princess who wants to become human.