Hey Folks. Another edition of Friday Movies here on the blog.

Ang Lees’ take on Woodstock, Rob Zombie continues destroying John Carpenter’s body of work with Halloween II, (what’s next? Rob Zombie’s The Thing?)

More proof that Hollyweird cannot find a new idea if one bit them in the ass. A remake of Final Destination. Oh but it’s in 3D…. So was the remake of My Bloody Valentine for Gods sake!

The summer blockbuster season is officially over!




Chan-wook Park (Old Boy) directs this pulpy, provocative Korean horror flick about a priest who agrees to be a test subject for an experimental vaccine. When things go wrong, he turns into a vampire.

Afghan Star

Documentary exploring Afghanistan’s most popular TV show gives a remarkable glimpse into Afghan life: women risking their lives to be on the show and singers of warring ethnicities competing side by side.

The Final Destination 3D

It’s the first 3-D installment for the series where friends try to cheat death with some gruesome results. The studio declined to screened this film in advance for critics.

Halloween II

Rob Zombie continues his re-imagination of the slasher series. The studio declined to screen this film in advance for critics.

Taking Woodstock

Ang Lee directs this trip down a psychedelic memory lane, which re-creates what life was like for those in the vicinity of the Woodstock concert. It’s a trifle uneasy with its few moments of seriousness.


Taut, German-made thriller serves up a classic triangle: an alluring, unhappy wife; a piggish husband; and a handsome loner who can’t help himself.

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OPENING FRIDAY, Sept. 4 From Guidelive.com

Extract: Jason Bateman deals with bad luck as an owner of a plant that produces flower extract. Mike Judge directs.

Gamer: Gerard Butler (300) is a prisoner in the near future controlled by a young online game player in this action-thriller.

Carriers: Four friends, including Chris Pine (Star Trek), go on the run from a deadly pandemic and right into danger.

All About Steve: Sandra Bullock falls in love with and follows (read: stalks) Bradley Cooper around the world after one date.

It Might Get Loud: Learn about the history of the electric guitar from three generations of guitar gods: the Edge, Jack White and Jimmy Page.

Soul Power: Documentary chronicles the three-nights-long music festival surrounding the “Rumble in the Jungle.”.

My One and Only: Renée Zellweger leaves her cheating husband behind in 1953 and, with her two sons, heads out to find a replacement.

World’s Greatest Dad: Lance (Robin Williams) passes off a journal as that of his dead son’s after a fake suicide note is published.

24 City: Documentary follows the demolition of China’s state-owned Factory 420, set to become luxury apartments.

Seraphine: Based on a true story, Séraphine de Senlis goes from housekeeper to celebrated artist.