I need to tell you all about a bank in The Colony, Texas that you should avoid like the proverbial plague. The Bank is 1st  Convenience Bank. The branch in question is located in Wal-Mart in The Colony.
I opened an account in June of this year, and was informed that the account would not be charged service fee as long as I used my debit card at least five times per month. I asked about any other fees I should know about. The guy told me, “Oh no. That’s it.”
I did not get a chance to use the account the five times, and incurred the dreaded service charge. Okay, my bad.
I intended to put more money into the account, but had a few other things that came up, and the account sat there. By now I was about $8.00 in the hole give or take. I finally decided the other day to close the account. I contacted the bank and found out that to close it, I had to pay $89.34. I about dropped my teeth.
I asked them where they came up with that figure. I was told that there was a $2.49 charge per day after five days of having a negative balance.  I looked at the fine print, and there it was. It was mentioned. Again, my bad for not reading the 20 pages of legal jargon that came with the account.
I thought I had the extra fees covered by asking if here were any other fees I needed to know about…
This bank uses deception, and bald face lies. These kind of fees are excessive, and ridiculous.  I highly recommend that you give 1st Convenience Bank a pass if you are looking for a financial institution.