I am going to start something new today. I will be reviewing TV shows and Movies here periodically. I will start with the new show that premiered last night, “Samantha Who?” Starring Christine Applegate, (Kelly Bundy “Married With Children”. ) as Samantha. In the Pilot, she awakens from an 8 day coma after being involved in a hit and run accident, with amnesia. She doesn’t know her parents, (Jean Smart “Designing Women” , and Kevin Dunn), her  boyfriend Todd, (Barry Watson , “What about Brian”, “Seventh Heaven”) or her best friend Andrea.(Jennifer Esposito “Crash”)

We learn about Samantha along with Samantha. We find that before the accident, she hadn’t spoken to her parents for two years, Todd was about to dump her and Andrea is not really much of a friend. Sh also has flashes of her life before the accident, and what she sees, she terms as “Bad Sam” It seems that before she woke up with amnesia, Sam was a bitch!

At any rate, the pilot was funny, and the show has some possibilities. Time will tell if it lasts.