For this post, I’m gonna try something a little bit different. I am actually dictating this post through a microphone.

While this may sound like an easy proposition, it ain’t as easy as it sounds. For example, many times I have to go back and type what I’m actually saying because the mic doesn’t pick it up.

Sue was trying to use the actual blog site to make a post. I think she was beginning to get frustrated. Trying to use voice recognition can be a real pain in the ass. At any rate I think I’m not gonna bother using voice recognition, until I can get a better program like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

The idea of voice recognition is pretty good, but the program in Vista leaves much to be desired. I think I will type the rest of this.

I gave it a pretty good try until I got frustrated with repeating myself over and over and over again. I could hear Sue in the bedroom on her computer doing he same thing. It does take patience to train your computer. Unfortunately, this is something that neither of us has in abundance after the Algebra debacle…

Out of curiosity, I looked up voice recognition software at the Kaplan Store, and they have it for about $150.00. Not too bad. I may just pick us up a copy soon, so we might actually be able to use voice recognition without going freaking insane!!!!!!