President Barack Obama. Those very words thrill many, but anger some. Yesterday we saw the Inauguration of America’s first black President. For the first time in many years I am able to say the words “My President” without choking.

I have never minced words in my disgust for George W. Bush. I think that history will record him as one of the most incompetent presidents in American history. Jimmy Carter had his moments but he did not leave Ronald Reagan 2 unfinished and unnecessary wars, an economy in the worst shape in our history, and an America that has become a  laughing stock to the world.

President Obama has his work cut out for him. Yesterday however, was a shining moment in America. For the first time people of any color in this country can say to their children, “You can grow up to be President”

I must admit that I did not dream that this moment would ever come in my lifetime. Like the fall of the Soviet Union, the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, and other moments in history that I have witnessed in my 50 years, I did not dare to dream that a black man could be president. I now think that our next president may well be a woman.

President Obama has a monumental task ahead of him. For the next four years ( at least) he must attempt to live up to the promise of change. Many expect him to be sorely tested. Tested he will be. The economic disaster of the last 8 years of an incompetent, and irresponsible president and administration (as much as I want to blame Shrub for it all, he had a lot of help in destroying our credibility in the world) that has left this great nation of ours on the brink of bankruptcy. Bankrupt in not only economic terms, but in our standing in the world.

When I was born,  The United States of America was well thought of by most of the world. Even up to the point of September 11, 2001, we still were. Even in the wake of that terrible day, the world rallied behind the United States. However, George W. Bush and his cronies pissed away most of those good feelings. The U.S. is now thought of as a laughing stock by much of the world. One by one our allies have dropped out of the coalition that Shrub put together the invade Iraq.  This is only one of the many daunting tasks ahead for our new President.

Today, the President will roll up his sleeves and get to work. Most of his cabinet will likely be confirmed over the next few days, and the real work ahead can begin.

I urge those of you who read this blog who are of faith, to pray for President Obama, his family, our new Government, and the world. For those of us here in this country Red state,  or blue. Democrat or Republican. Black, white, red whatever. Let us support President Obama, and put this country right again.

Yes we can!